Battle of the Blades 2014

Battle of the Blades 2014 was bigger, badder and better than ever!

Congratulations to the amazing contestants and pros for putting on the show of the year and thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

If you missed a minute, the podium was:

Zach Crist and Ashley Clark, skating for the SVSEF
Emilie duPont and Joel Dear skating for the Flourish Foundation
Maggie Acker and Brent Bommentre skating for the Animal Shelter

Judges Langely McNeal, Craig Heath and Kaitlyn Farrington definitely had a hard job Friday night!

Stay tuned for more photos and a video coming soon!.

Kim Navarro & Scott Slonim

Christine Davis-Jeffers &Jonathan Hunt

Natalia Zaitseva & Bob Polk

Ty Cockrum & Megan Thomas

Stephanee Grosscup & Chris Kock

Ashley Clark & Zach Crist

Maggie & Acker & Brent Bommentre

Darlin Baker & George Rizzo

Joel Dear & Emilie DuPont

Cast and crew

Zach Crist, Maggie Acker, Bob Polk, Christine Davis-Jeffers, Scott Slonim, Emilie duPont, George Rizzo, Megan Thomas, Chris Koch

Battle of the Blades, the community fundraiser to end all community fundraisers, returns to Sun Valley center ice on Friday, September 5. Following a one-year hiatus, this wildly popular event, sponsored by the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club promises to be bigger, badder and better than ever.

If you missed the sold-out events in 2011 and 2012, Battle of the Blades pairs nine local celebrity amateurs with highly accomplished figure skating professionals. Each competes in a professionally choreographed, fully costumed two-minute routine. A panel of celebrity judges provides 50 percent of the final score while the other half is determined by an audience applause meter. To further inspire community involvement, each contestant chooses a non-profit organization to represent. The top three finishers all win cold hard cash for the worthy organization of their choice.

Who will skate with who: (contestant and pro)
Christine Davis-Jeffers - Jonathon Hunt
Emilie duPont - Joel Dear
Megan Thomas -  Ty Cockrum
Maggie Acker - Brent Bommentre
George Rizzo -  Darlin Baker
Chris Koch - Stephanee Grosscup
Zach Crist - Ashley Clark
Scott Slonim - Kim Navarro
Bob Polk - Natalia Zaitseva

Prepare to do battle — we’re back!

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